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March 5th, 2017 by Robert Ringstrom

Moving up to a management position is a salute to your success!  It tends to speak loudly that you have mastered certain tasks and shown promise as a leader of your peers.  But even if you’d been provided training or guidance in management; the following concepts may prove of value as you adjust to your new responsibilities.

Study your team by their individual strengths.  Know their weaknesses, but allow them to evolve at a controlled pace.  Play to their strengths.  They will do well when they love what they do.

Build your teams trust in you. Trust builds respect.  When your team respects you they will support you.  They will apply themselves more readily to their productivity.

Credit successes.  When you can credit success, your team will feel valued. Allow a distinction between their roles and yours. Acknowledge their successes and talents as qualities that you may not possess.  They recognize your limitations. You and your team have different  roles.

Give clear directions and seek their clarification. It’s simple to complete a task when one understands it.  Be certain that they do.  Failure to do so can easily weaken the mission and your team.

Provide feedback; both positive and negativeFeedback should be a discussion inspired by your observations; a discussion that allows the team member to discover a path to superior performance. It’s called ‘coaching’.

When a new manager is appointed it acknowledges promise.  It is your behavior as manager that has promised future successes.  It is up to you to consciously deliver on your promise.  Each day should include a renewed affirmation to your commitment.

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“They recognize your limitations.”