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August 28th, 2012 by Robert Ringstrom

Job satisfaction can highly depend on the type of person and how well they match a position. Count yourself lucky if you are one of those people that genuinely loves your job. Although all jobs can be stressful and trying at times, there are many things that can increase stress levels. Difficult hours, low pay and lack of room for promotion can all act as stress factors and contribute to dissatisfaction on the job.

Have you ever wondered what jobs people are the most happy doing and which ones they are most unhappy doing? Career Bliss just released 2012’s Happiest and Unhappiest Jobs in America lists.

These people LOVE what they do: 

1. Software Quality Assurance Engineer
2. Executive Chef
3. Property Manager
4. Teller
5. Warehouse Manager
6. Administrative Assistant
7. Customer Service Representative
8. Accountant
9. System Engineer
10. Construction Manager

The average salaries for these positions range from 26K to 89k, what’s surprising is that the highest paid positions aren’t the highest ranking positions. Construction Manager is the highest salary at 89K but Teller, being the lowest salary at 26k is ranked higher. I guess money doesn’t really buy happiness!

People in these positions rated the unhappiest:

1. Security Officer
2. Registered Nurse
3. Teacher
4. Sales Engineer
5. Product Manager
6. Program Manager
7. Marketing Manager
8. Director of Sales
9. Marketing Director
10. Maintenance Supervisor

The ‘unhappiest’ positions have a significantly higher salary average, from 40K to 94k. According to Career Bliss, the most common reasons for job dissatisfaction in these positions is limited growth opportunities and lack of rewards.

If you find yourself unhappy in your job, or if you are the manager of an unhappy team, Strata Personnel Solutions offers reliably powerful tools to really make a difference in your happiness and in job satisfaction. But not only do you feel the weight off your shoulders, the organization will thrive!  

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