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July 22nd, 2011 by Robert Ringstrom

There’s a gap between top-performing organizations and their competitors who fail to recognize the value of a relatively simple, yet critical management strategy; engaging employees in the success of the organization. Productivity can soar or drop precipitously, depending on how involved and enthusiastic employees are in their work. The more committed the engagement, the higher the productivity. Influential leaders understand this principle. Employee engagement refers to the degree to which employees connect with their work and feel committed to their organization and its goals.

Managers who fail to take this into account can easily expect higher turnover, lower performance, and low morale. Good employees leave, taking their knowledge and experience someplace else. Performance suffers as new employees have to be brought up to speed and costs increase to continually hire and train them. This may also adversely affect the remaining employees as they take on more duties and frustrations with incompetent new co-workers.

Highly engaged employees are excited and enthusiastic about their work. They are less aware of the passage of time and resist distractions. They find it easier to stay focused, and their enthusiasm becomes contagious. They may devote discretionary effort to productive activities, and ponder questions or challenges posed by their tasks during spare moments after work.

When people can approach their employment in the same manner that they dig into their favorite hobbies, sports, or leisure activities; the results can be quite predictably impressive. When employees feel this way about their work, they enjoy it and contribute more to the organization’s success.

“Employee engagement first. It goes without saying that no company, small or large, can survive over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it”. ~Jack and Susie Welch.

Employers can expect an increase in employee retention, innovation and collaboration. Customer satisfaction levels will increase, and ultimately the results will be reflected in the bottom line, the value of shares, and the return on investment.

Five Key Considerations:

  1. Are you fostering a “people culture”? Do you honestly believe that your people are your greatest asset? If no, why not? If you do, take a very close look at your vision, values, and strategy to make sure there is alignment between how you want to shape your company and how in fact your company is being shaped. Communicate a clear vision of the future.
  2. Commit to developing people. Are your employees appreciating in value or are they depreciating in value? Develop your employees by making sure they are the right person in the right seat on your bus. You can do that through the use of Predictive Performance or Job Matching technology. Primarily you will be able to strategically invest in your people so that they are fully developed for their current job and secondly; they can see a clear path for career advancement.
  3. Ensure the right person is in the right leadership position. It is critical here that the prospective new manager’s abilities are the primary decision in making the appointment. What made an individual successful as a subordinate, may have very little to do with their ability to succeed at management level.
  4. Develop management styles to fit your people. In today’s diverse workforce of multiple generations and cultures you must rethink your workforce strategies and transform your management and human resource practices to attract, engage, and retain workers of all ages and backgrounds.
  5. Understand your target employees (current and future). Successful companies identify their target customer. A target employee is one who is a ‘good fit’ in their current job, is fully engaged on the job, and whose performance exceeds your expectations. When an employee is well matched like the one described; not only will he or she achieve goals but will possess the ability to elevate the performance of other employees, teams, departments, and even divisions.

“… the best way to keep your stars is to know them better than they know themselves – and then use that information to customize the careers of their dreams.”~ Job Sculpting: The Art of Retaining Your Best People” from the Harvard Business Review.

Robert Ringstrom writes from his office in Sartell, MN. Strata Personnel Solutions generates essential information for business owners and organizational leaders which enable them to hire and retain engaged workforces who perform at peak levels.

Bobby Ringstrom can be reached at: (320) 217-8063

For more information, go to info@Strata-PS.comor / http://www.Strata-PS.com

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