a strategic business partner of Profiles International

a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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Strata Performance Solutions

Helping companies find their Full Potential.

“Bob Ringstrom and Strata have provided valuable assessment tools to assist us with creating a great team at CommunityGiving.  The information provided by these assessments helps us understand the strengths job candidates will bring to their prospective new job.”

–Steve Joul, President & CEO CommunityGiving


“My administrative team and I recently had the opportunity to work with Bob and the team at Strata Performance Solutions.  What a great experience. We were amazed by the accuracy of the results and, as WACOSA’s Executive leader, I am eager to use this information to help improve the overall communications and team dynamics of my leadership team”.

–Steve Howard, CEO, WACOSA

“Bob Ringstrom’s  personal leadership experiences; together with his use of employment assessments and surveys have proven to be a very reliable resource for our management decisions. He has the patience to learn what we need done and the determination to address it accurately.  Bob has provided us with a highly validated and transparent process of selecting, promoting and developing staff that has been a valuable asset; especially as we address increasing demands and community expectations for police services. ”

-Jeffrey Beahen, Chief of Police, Rogers Police Department

“Bob is an experienced managerial professional with a strong desire to provide solutions. The process he follows is precise and thorough.  His follow-through, communication, integrity, and expertise make for a very comfortable and effective partnership in tackling a variety of issues.” 

— Steve Sertich, MBFC Board Chair

“I was introduced to Bob Ringstrom while searching for an administrative evaluation tool for the Kasson-Mantorville School District.  The decision to use CheckPoint 360 and ProfileXT was due to Bob’s willingness to work closely with our administration and provide excellent service.  Bob is very knowledgeable in the management evaluation feedback environment.  His personal attention to each individual demonstrated his true interest in improving leadership skills for school personnel.” 

— Peter Grant, Superintendent of K-M Schools, Dist 204

“My personal view is that we shouldn’t look at employees as liabilities that need to be managed; but as assets to develop.  Bob has given us powerful hiring tools that expedite the screening process and can legitimately predict the level of “fit” that they will have in our culture.   But what I value at least as much; are the tools for continuing professional development of each employee or officer.  As a result, I am able to provide informed coaching of individuals based on the personal insights generated from Strata’s systems.  It is this two-faceted approach that makes Bob Ringstrom’s service so uniquely valuable.”

-Dave Bentrud, Waite Park Police Chief

“Bob Ringstrom works like he lives – with zest, color and a level of honesty and integrity second to none.  I felt privileged to have had the opportunity to work with him!”

— Nancy E. Doran, CCIM, Broker RE/MAX Commercial

“What a privilege it is getting to know you.  Integrity, trust and honor are high on my list of character traits that I look for in life and business.  You epitomize all three. I’m very impressed with how complete and thorough your talents are.  There are many methods to identify areas that need improvement. But there are few if any like yours; that create a workable plan to make those improvements. I look forward to working with you more in the future.”

— Larry Hillman, Dream Restoration, Training & Development

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