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a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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Strata Performance Solutions

Helping companies find their Full Potential.

Robert Ringstrom, MS

Strata Performance Solutions


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Helping companies find their Full Potential


Successful organizations have two primary ingredients; systems and people. The system is idea-based. The people are results-based. All good companies and agencies begin with their own unique idea. But the results of all good organizations will succeed or falter with the people behind the idea.  At Strata Performance Solutions, we recognize the crucial importance of engaging the right people in the right capacity. The premise is that for every individual; there is a good job-fit. We provide the crucial information essential to making that match and for coaching top performance.

Strata Performance Solutions brings over 20 years of experience in solving people problems globally. SPS is a high-tech, high-touch organization recognized for outstanding service and achievements as a leading provider of screening, hiring and job-fit solutions. With a total spectrum of services, SPS is simply the best choice for getting the advanced value and services that are needed to maximize your staffing strategy.  Our applications are applied by small private companies as well as large international corporations. The wide array of solutions can all be accessed through a personalized, simple-to-use platform; customized with complex analysis and reporting tools, immediately available for your access and application to your management needs. We offer:

Strata Performance Solutions  promises efficient delivery of products and services. Our customer service is critically prepared to make your success; ours to boast about. We present the perfect opportunity to enable you to develop your staff well beyond the industry standards. As employees perfect their skills and focus their efforts, they are positioning themselves as your leaders for tomorrow.

“If you would one day renovate yourself, do so from day to day. Yea, let there be daily renovation.” ~Confucian Analects

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Case Study Book

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  Client Testimonials “Bob is an experienced managerial professional with a strong desire to provide solutions. The process he follows is precise and thorough.  His follow-through, communication, integrity, and expertise make for a very comfortable and effective partnership in tackling a variety of issues.” — Steve Sertich, MBFC Board Chair