a strategic business partner of Profiles International

a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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Strata Performance Solutions

Helping companies find their Full Potential.

About Us

Strata Performance Solutions brings over 20 years of experience in solving people problems globally. We are a high-tech organization recognized for outstanding service and achievements as a leading provider of pre-employment screening, hiring and job-fit solutions. The wide array of solutions can all be accessed through a personalized, simple-to-use platform; customized with complex analysis and reporting tools, immediately available for your access and application to your management needs. We offer:

• Customer Service Profiling
Employee Assessments
Workplace Engagement
360 Reviews-Management Building
• Skills Development
• Strategic Planning
• Background Checks

We present the perfect opportunity to enable you to develop your staff well beyond the industry standards. As employees perfect their skills and focus their efforts, they are positioning themselves as your leaders for tomorrow.

We are located in St. Cloud, MN but offer services in Fargo, ND, Excelsior, Mooresville, MN & all of the surrounding areas. Contact us today.

Our Products & Solutions

Our Products & Solutions

We offer a full suite of employee assessments and hands-on guidance to help you build and develop an outstanding workforce.

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Why Assessments?

Why Asessments?

Employee assessments help you make better personnel decisions by providing consistent, in depth, objective information on your workforce.

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Contact us for an initial status review and assessment experience without further commitment.

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